On CID, Barb the President of the company call me because she really liked my skill on graphics, I used to design some pictures frames used on multiple projects, and also by different murals used on fitness areas and bathrooms as part of the amenities. So this project comes to me by Barb, she ask me for something very colorfull, different, and fresh.


The first thing I found of Minneaplis, was that is divide by 11 cities, or counties, something that I wanted to rescue on my design, when I google it, I saw the shape of each countie and really like it to use as part of the pattern that I have to use it.

Then what I was thinking was to seek for the principal icon from each one of the cities, because what was on my mind was something very urban, because the location of the project.

The idea was to bring each one of the iconic image and adopt to the shape of the citiy, and in the middle right on the center bring the name of the state. 

The next step was bringing the urban planning of Minneapolis, MN and use it like the texture overlaying on the pictures, but like a pattern, so do not strech the plan, just copying and pasting and in different scales, but all of them in black and white, to bring more the rides network and fluid rivers and lake waves.

Then like the experiment this was the result for the graphic, but the next step will be to insert it on the wall and wait for the result, because the wall was wrapping a corner.


Colors was looking to match the colors for the design on the lobby, thats why on the mural I did some in black and white and another some in colors but again, just that will match with the colors of the lobby design.