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"Challenge COVID-19 Architecture for life"

Organized by the Colombian Society of Architects

"Densify Don't Destroy"

Columbia GSAPP Urban Design Program Water Urbanism Studio Spring 2020

All humans depend on agriculture as a form of food. Agriculture contributes a minimal percentage of GHG emissions in the Hudson Valley (0.64%) but is a form of industry that has the potential to sequester excess carbon to bring the local region closer to a net-zero emissions rating.


This can be achieved firstly through a top-down approach around policy and incentives such as carbon funding schemes or carbon farming land management best practices. Engaging local farmers through a bottom-up approach is also crucial in the transitional process, which needs to be done by cultivating a healthy farming community, resilient enough to go through a proper and just transition into a new farming and agricultural future. This will mean addressing social issues like a farmer’s role in society but also their economic and mental wellbeing. This local holistic approach, which will also partner with other community organizations will also hopefully draw new farmers to the land and help broadcast these positive paradigm changes to the wider farming community.

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Have you ever wondered, If being single is a result of your City's Design?


Love Island City speculates on how public spaces can be improved in rapidly growing cities, to cater to the predominant demographic of young, single millennials in Long Island City, NY. It re-imagines public space to enable encounters and potential dates. Underused spaces around frequently visited social and everyday nodes are identified for interventions. Various levels of intimacy are achieved in these spaces by introducing a series of urban objects that trigger or reinforce social interactions. The result is a dérive through spots carved into the existing city fabric that creates opportunities for encounters and moments that one may experience with someone else in the hustle of everyday life.


This work looks to bring the importance of single public elements as a bench, playing an important roll in every public space, and is changing across the social dynamics, what we consider before a bench for just sitting, today is a playfull element in the middle of the space, how this can bring your backyard into a public space.

Interviewed: Thomas Balsley, CEO of SWA Balsley.


Invisible Boundaries is a short documentary as an experiment between "The Eruv" and "Manhattan, NY".

Understanding The Eruv as an urban area enclosed by a visible wire boundary which symbolically extends the private domain of Jewish households into public areas.

Parallel, the city is an urban area enclosed by multiple invisible boundaries, like the street, the sidewalk, parks, fences, even dwelling spaces, which symbolically limitate the freedom of people flows into public areas.

New Building Typology proposal... What Do you think?


Here I want to show different types of buildings used on the last architectural competition being part of Switch Architects, where the type of building must be defined by the context, (the street, the square, the sidewalk, ...)


The new "Bronx" As the new image for Bogotá 
German Bahamon as a team leader of Switch Architects placed the best 10 proposals for the C.S.A. (Colombian Society of Architects)  Competition.

One of the best experiences in my life was to be part of this competition because it is not only about what you learn, it is about what you dream and about where you wanna be.

First Construction Project. Around 5,000 sq ft and 9 months to complete.


This was my first experience under construction, being the leader of a great an amazing team with different skills but with one objective, make a dream come true.

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Check the latest post of GB, Who says - "Architecture is about you..."

Besides the architecture I feel the photography as my other passion, finding the relationship within both. Always looking to improve the quality of any architectural project. 

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"An architectural work can make us see, feel and live..." @germanbahamonl

Would you like to see the A23 project location?


The nature around this project is just something that I could not ignore, also the weather, located in a tropical zone is like being in summer all the time. The animals, the trees, all context is part of the project

Click on for more A23 project blue prints 
For me, architecture goes beyond what you see, is also about tasting... Real taste!
German Bahamon
Photography by Andres Bernal Guarin.
From the beginning, the architecture should involve all the human senses but is not that easy.
five senses are part of us, to see, to smell, to feel, to touch, and to taste!
And all of them are possible to involve in the architecture, the only one that is really hard to get in roll is the taste, I will not make the people lick the walls, instead of it I just create the A23 Cocktail, the name is because the number of the house inside the condo, and I think that the best option was this, for something that provides to my client fresh, citric (fruits around), and smelly. 
This show starts when you feel this cold cocktail on your tongue and turn around to see the house in front of the lake, definitely at that point I'm sure you will look and feel the architecture in a different way.
First facade design  by German Bahamon at Bklyn, NY 
Being part of YossiG interiors firm German Bahamon lead the design with the second architect Santiago Alarcon also from Colombia bringing to Brooklyn a new different style.

28 Wilson Ave, Bklyn


From the beginning designing this project for Yossi G was something that I never thought that was gonna get my admiration, but a year later when I stand up in front of this building looking around the typical facades in Brooklyn and then looking back to this one, I love the energy and feeling that this piece brings to the neighbor, bright color, an aggressive geometry, and diagonals into rectangular lines is just something that pops up! ... maybe it was a good concept .. maybe not... just know that this one moves my emotions when I still going to see it on 28 Wilson avenue, If you have the chance, just go and let me know!

Proud to have been part of CID Design Group for 18 months in Florida
"German is a talented individual who is dedicated to his career and maintains a good standing relationship with the entire team at CID Design Group, He is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a continuing professional relationship" - Barb Zella, CEO CID Design Group
Designing duo: Naples mother-daughter, CID design team oversee projects in 35 states


They’re best friends and business partners who love what they do — together. That’s apparent, and these ingredients, folded with an innate design aesthetic and deep understanding of market trends, have created a recipe for impressive success.

Featured projects that I´ve been part of with CID 
As an architectural and visual designer at CID, I participated in some many projects that inspired me from the beginning to get in love with the interior design is just kind of love that the hole team transfer you, the projects above are just some of them that I consider part of me, give you a chance to check the website.

Lovely architectural projects with a huge impact on society in Colombia

World’s largest vertical garden in Bogota - Colombia

May 12, 2017

The largest vertical garden in the world. Located in Bogota, Colombia, the Santalaia building is completely covered with a lush layer of 85,000 plants that span 3,100 square meters (33,368 square feet). A vertical garden of this size can produce enough oxygen for more than 3,100 people every year, process 1,708 pounds of heavy metals, filter more than 2,000 tons of harmful gases and catch more than 881 pounds of dust.

Orquideorama / Plan B Architects + JPRCR Architects / Medellin, Colombia

May 17, 2008

The Construction of a Orchideorama should come up of the relation between architecture and the living organisms. It should not make any distinction between natural and artificial, on the contrary, it should accept them as a unity that allows architecture to be conceived as a material, spatial, environmental organization that is deeply related to the processes of life.

España Library / Giancarlo Mazzanti / Medellin, Colombia

July 17, 2008

The Project is located on one of the hillsides that have been affected by the violence since the 80´s because of the drug traffic network that operates in the city of Medellin. It is part of the government's social master plan program to give equal economic and social opportunities to the population.

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Designing a park for Colombia and Venezuela, public space to share, with no boundaries.


This competition was looking for a project that joins and merges both cultures for the location, that is right over the edge that separates Venezuela from Colombia territory. This call to Colombian architects was for seeking the best proposal to bring more quality to the public space of the park, plus diversity on their uses, mixing between commercial and recreational, but with a special propose and development with a cultural target. 

the patrimonial architecture is one of the principal pieces on the park, bringing an old church half stand on.

We just generate sidewalks depending on different uses from people uses require, and all of these activities were connected between but with one same target, the church.

This was an interesting project, just take a look if you want to know more about this.

The Architect Alberto Aranda (actual CEO of DESIGN MATTERS!) proposed me with other two partners to have the risk and go into this competition, as my first one I´m still happy but not fully with


Competition by Colombian Architect Society 

Recovering public space at Grancolombiano Park,

Concept, Merge boundary countries between Colombia and Venezuela by the public space.

worked with Architect Julian Quiroz and Architect Santiago Alarcon

Home transformation in Cape Coral, FL
"Creativity is what describes German´s work" - Alberto Aranda, CEO Design Matters
On this project I got a challenge, the budget was so low, and my labor was to transform the space with only paint and furnishing the space, and this was the result.
"Marketing is also about creativity, could be considered architecture at some point" - German Bahamon.
On this project I saw an opportunity to do something really different from the architecture, and have to say, was not that easy as I thought from the beginning but the good result was that the client from fifty-fifty decor was so happy with his branding design. 
I know it is a graphic design job but on the other hand, we are talking about the same language, and finally, this is design, creativity, and architecture is about all of this that touch design an people!
How in Palomino, Guajira (Colombia)
the tourism could be linked with society increasing knowledge to each culture

This thesis project took a year and a half to get the project at this point knowing that is a progressive project that will need help from the community and tourist.


Palomino, is a little city with a small population about 3,000 in 2014, located at Colombian Caribbean coast, for the geographic location this place is like a paradise, warm weather, with a cold wind coming from the cold mountain, is the only place in the world with the smaller river in the world, and these characteristics make different tourist come to this land, where they can't find big hotels, so they stay in eco-hotels, or little hostels.


Sketching, first opportunity to bring my dreams into the first reality over the paper.


Sketching is something that I really like and understand as our language talking as an architect, is the way how we can share faster thoughts with our clients to explain and show our idea to translate into a look and feel.

If you dream of a building just sketch it!

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Who´s German Bahamon..."

Born in Bogota, Colombia
Living in New York, NY
Available to move and travel


I will never stop imagining and dreaming because I believe that architecture will make my dreams come true...


To do architecture we will need from the people, their feelings, their thoughts, their actions, to understand what they want, what they do, and what they need, but the most important thing what they dream to translate these actions into space.


Hence, they will know the real meaning of architecture.

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