2016 - 2017


28 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY


German Bahaman - Architect

Santiago Alarcon - Architect

Yossi G Interiors 


German Bahamon 

Brooklyn Buildings

At Brooklyn, people used to find some identity for the style, and you can see it on every facade, with a lot of diversity. 

But if you remove the colors and textures from the buildings you will have something more boring, just the same style on every corner

Bellow are some common colors used on different facades, finding always colors under the same shade.

Something that brakes this line is the subway on top with that green and old structure on iron, in diagonal over the rectangular squares of the street, just like you can see on this section nearby of flushing stop at Brooklyn. Where the only thing that bright up on context is the school bus.

This is how the yellow pop Up over the Brooklyn
pallets. Something that I really like.


Every day I was touching brooklyn from Manhattan on the subway, and my favorite part was when the subway came out from the sub to the top and the light is on the wagons with the top of the brooklyn buildings as the landscaping. 

Was nice to see all the activity on the street but on the top nothing happened, thats why I start seeing the entry stairs of the subway like the division of the two faces of brooklyn.

I thought to do something with that diagonal on the facade and mark the difference of my perspective in Bklyn. 

And to make the difference will use the school bus color, just to bring more life to the streets.